Friday, September 19, 2014

Letter C Week Preschool!

I loved letter C week because it involved so much sugar! :) We started our week by making yummy cupcakes with cat decorations! Our theme this week for Sonlight is generosity so we packed a bunch of our cupcakes up and gave them to a new friend!  Our verse for this week was 2 Corinthians 9:7: "God loves a cheerful giver" so this was a perfect time to share and "Be doers of the word" as the Bible says in James 1:22.

Bug loved cleaning the dishes too!

Our C week corresponded perfectly with Bug's friend's birthday party because they went on carousel rides, rode on the caboose of a train and ate delicious cupcakes!  

We also had cotton ball races by balancing the cotton ball on a spoon and running down to a pillow and  dumping them out!  Little Man had fun trying to put the cotton-ball on the spoon too!  Afterwards, I had Bug pick up each cotton ball out of her bowl with tongs (to practice fine motor skills).while counting the cotton balls by 2s.  I loved this activity because it integrated math, gross and fine motor skills and lots of giggles!  We couldn't help but have a cotton-ball fight afterwards!

Bug also learned to differentiate between a few of the types of clouds this week!  We found a wonderful activity and free printable at the Wise Nest.  I love that homeschooling also truly helps me to broaden my scope of knowledge too!  Bug and I have been identifying types of clouds all week!  We have learned about Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus, Cumulonimbus and Cumulocirrus clouds!  

Another fun, hands-on way we learned about clouds this week was through this simple science experiment found here: Growing a Jeweled Rose.   After you added enough blue dye, the cloud actually looked like it was precipitating which simply captivated my sweet, little girl!  It also gave me another great opportunity to reinforce our previous lesson regarding the process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation!  

Our movie for this week was Cinderella of course!  We have incorporated an ample amount of pretend play through watching the various scenes in the movie and acting them out.  Bug also loved dressing up as Cinderella too and asked me to refer to her as Cinderella on more than a few occasions! We also wrote a few things that Cinderella loves to do on a sheet of paper and attributes of her as well.  I wrote dashes for her to trace which allowed Bug to practice writing the letter /C/ several times.

My Little Cinderella!

But in my eyes she doesn't need a costume,
she has always been and always will be a beautiful princess and blessing from God!

Sherriff Callie is definitely Bug's favorite Disney show right now- so we had to make a Callie craft!  We used tortillas for the ears, purple ribbons for the whiskers, pink construction paper for her cowgirl hat and Cheerios for the eyes.  

We also had a Crazy clothes wearing day!

We also made a Cross using contact paper and colored tissue paper.  I found this idea at Happy Home Fairy

One of our favorite letter C activities by far was feeding carrots to Bingo, the horse!  Little Man and Bug love animals of all shapes and sizes so this was definitely a highlight of our week!  They also loved "catching" fish and a "collecting" bugs!

Bug feeding Bingo carrots!

Little Man loved throwing carrots into the horses pen!

First catch of the day which was definitely accompanied by squeals of joy!

Little Man was very excited about his sister's big catch!

Bug really wanted to keep her earthworm!

Bug caught 2 grasshoppers which came to live at our house in our bug cage!

And C week would not be complete without a cute little cowboy!

I love moving our classroom outdoors to enjoy God's beautiful creation!  This week we joined our homeschool groups nature study which I couldn't be more excited about!  The emphasis on our study this month is trees.  We were asked to pick one tree and identify all of it attributes that distinguish it from other trees.   Bug learned the meaning of circumference and measured the circumference using a tape measure too.  I love that Bug was so inquisitive about the difference between  our trees bark versus our older oak tree.  I loved learning about the way bark changes as a tree matures through research on the internet!  As each season passes, we will also study how the leaves on our tree change and any other significant differences.  I am thrilled to start meeting with our group each month! 

Bug measuring the circumference of our tree while Little Man makes his get-away.....

to the dirt- of course! :)

I love the sweetness of this picture as Bug makes leaf impressions with her colors!

We also made a cute little Caterpillar craft using the letter C!  We found the idea at Confessions of A Homeschooler. 

I just loved these play-doh letter printables that I found at "This Reading Mama".

And what C week would be complete without a circus act or two?

We also made a very homemade Carriage! I taped three pieces of construction paper together and taped them on to a bin and used a dowel rod to keep them upright!  We used balloons for wheels and dowels rods for the "tug".  We also studied the different parts of a carriage and picked out our favorite looking carriage among images on the Internet!  She loved pretending her stuffed horse was "Clementine" from Sheriff Callie and pulling the carriage with her.  Bug also made a crown for Clementine!

Our Carriage- up-close!

In our Sonlight program, we are reading the book "The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book."  This week we enjoyed the suggested activity that accompanied this story.  We acted out the story by making our own den and Bug, Noah and I took turns switching roles.  The main character was a tiger and Bug and Little Man made the cutest little tiger faces!

Of course, we couldn't skip doing activities for literacy from This Reading Mama with all of the great printables that she provides! Bug learned the sight word "see" this week and learned to write the letter P too.  Bug enjoyed the "see" word-find and the "see" poke page!  She also practiced reading all of her new sight words!  We also did a rhyming activity that including cutting and pasting.  It is such a blessing to see how much she is growing in her literacy skills.

Bug loved playing with her play-doh castle for /c/ week too!
Bug also formed the letter /c/ out of blocks and we had car races down our letter /c/.

Bug loved playing with her play-doh castle for /c/ week too!

We also took a pretend road trip to California, Connecticut and Colorado and learned their Capitols.

During C week, we went on a short family vacation and I had to take a million pictures of my cuties- so you have been warned! :)

Bug and Little Man!

Little Man riding in his favorite vehicle! 

Bug met a cat which was perfect for /c/ week! 
She also learned the spanish word for cat: el gato. 

I love that she still loves to ride the rocking horse!

Did I mention I completely and wholeheartedly love these two little blessings from God!

Family Vacation 2014! I love all of them to pieces!

I am looking forward to /d/ week especially to making homemade donuts with my new donut pan! 

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