Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter B Preschool activities plus week 2 of Sonlight curriculum

 My daughter loves bugs and ballet! So, B week has been an absolute blast!  We started the week by making a "Bug" cake (sort-of!)  You can find a great recipe for dirt worm cakes at All Recipes.         Our recipe called for regular milk but since Little Man has a serious allergy to milk, I tried replacing it with soy milk.  After waiting over 15 minutes, our pudding never thickened! So, we made pudding shakes with crushed oreos (for dirt) with gummy worms swimming inside!  The gummy worms stayed afloat only momentarily and swiftly sank in the pudding liquid! Sweet Bug squealed in delight digging out her worms and Little Man kept asking for more.  I am so thankful that they were delighted with my bug cake blunder!  I love the verse : 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 that states "Be joyful always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus!"  I am praying that in little mishaps and in big, they will consistently mediate on and live this verse!

                                          We also spelled the word "Bug" using gummy worms 

Bug also practiced her Ballet at home and played baseball with Little Man which I loved because it was a great time for them to both practice their gross motor skills with big smiles on their faces!  Plus, I love watching their precious friendship grow!  We were also "Busy Bees" and cleaned the house!

We went on a B scavenger hunt and Bug loved it!  We found this idea at Confessions of a Homeschooler - they have some wonderful printables for each letter of the alphabet and fun activities to accompany them!

One of Bugs favorite activity was creating her bug hat!  I found this idea at Yellow Bliss Road. She loved wearing her homemade bug hat all around the house! This activity was wonderful because it enabled her to practice fine motor skills through cutting and pasting.


Bug loves her doll Bitty Baby that her sweet Mimi gave her for Christmas.  So, we had to incorporate into our B week!  I had Bug explain to me Bitty Babies favorite things that started with the letter /B/.  I wrote down each word but made dashed lines for the letter /B/ for her to trace.  It turned out great! Bug also enjoyed hopping like a bunny on our very simple, homemade balance beam!  She also practiced her gross motor skills by hopping on one foot and walking backwards. We also added to our list of /B/ words to enhance literacy skills!


At snack time, Bug and Little Man enjoyed bacon and blueberries!  I know there are some very cute /b/ snacks on pinterest but Bug is a very picky eater and Little Man is allergic to all milk products so we are limited!  I also gave Bug a marshmallow snack this week and before she could eat it, she had to make the letter B using all of her marshmallows!  Afterwards, I taught her how to catch marshmallows in her mouth- we laughed and laughed as they went flying everywhere!

This week, Bug also enjoyed talking about bears. She colored a bear with her DO-A DOT markers and learned about the eight species of bears.  We researched their habitats, geographic location and what they like to eat!  There is a wonderful book that is very Preschool and Kindergarten friendly called     It gave us wonderful detailed information about each bear type and their habitat.  For the record, Bug officially does not like Sun bears since they eat lizards and snails! 

We also practiced our one-to one correspondence math skills with this adorable lady bug project! I found this great idea at No Time for Flashcards.  

 Bug loved when we pretended to be Anna and Elsa from the movie "Frozen" this week and acted as though bears were chasing us.  We pretended that we were in a blizzard and Bug had to go home and quickly pick up pretend food for us!  However, the food could only start with the letter /B/.  She quickly assembled a delicious dinner for us including butter, bacon, brownies and buns! The bat was for protection from the bears, of course! I love watching her precious imagination flourish!

Bug loved using our window markers to draw portraits of our family on balloons!  We also had a pretend birthday party for our Beagle this week and put up streamers, balloons and sang him Happy Birthday!  We also gave him some of his very favorite bones!  

I loved practicing our Bible Verse from Sonlight this week which was Hebrews 11:1!  I am thankful to have a curriculum that is so Bible focused!  We also learned what it means to have faith and read several OT Bible stories.  

In addition, we also read from the "My First Hands on Preschool Bible" and talked about Elijah and the Raven (Bird).  There is a cute little activity mentioned in this Bible in which you pretend your child is Elijah and you are the Raven bringing them food.  It was so cute to see them react as I brought their food to them like a bird!  This Bible also had some wonderful discussion questions about provision which we discussed.  I cannot say enough great things about this sweet bible!

My sweet little ones were so elated to have baby bath time for /b/ week!  I found this cute idea at Mess For Less.  Little Man loved pouring the water on the babies and trying to wiggle himself inside the bin!  Bug especially loved this activity and took extra time to dry each baby off afterwards.  It was a terrific sensory activity for them and lots of fun!

Little Man enjoyed playing basketball while Bug finished up with the babies! 

In our "Berenstain Bears Big Book of Nature and Science" (from our Sonlight program), we learned about clouds and how they are formed! Bug and I acted out rain formation by crouching down on the ground and quickly standing up for evaporation. Afterwards, we talked about how a cloud is formed and then pretended our hands and body were rain and said precipitation as we lowered to the ground. Bug drew a wonderful picture of a rainy day and we reviewed the concept again!  We found a very simple, kid-friendly version of how rain is formed at  Easy Science for Kids .  I have a feeling I will be utilizing this resource again in the near future!

 Bug also loved painting her new bird house for /b/ week! And Little Man loves playing right beside us!

Bug is so interested in insects of all kinds right now.  She loved making butterfly bandaid pictures
which I found at Homeschool Creations.  She also practiced writing her B by tracing B is for Butterfly!

  Another great tool for writing practice is the workbook "Get Set For School: My First Writing Book."  I love how it gives multiple opportunities to practice letter formation on each page.

Bug loves Doc Mcstuffins which meant we had to have a boo-boo fixing time for our letter /B/ week!  Bug very joyfully gave out Band-Aids to all of her patients (Little Man and I) and gave us check-ups which was a wonderful opportunity for pretend play!

 Bug also practiced her literacy skills using the free printables form the blog: This Reading Mama.  Bug enjoyed learning about the letter /f/ sound and recognizing the sight word /the/ this week.   

In addition, she practiced recognizing the numbers 1-20 using a worksheet from the blog:  This Reading Mama!  It is such an amazing resource!   We changed the activity slightly and made it a timed race to find all the numbers in 10 minutes that I had hidden around the house.  Bug would find a number and then race back to the turtle worksheet and mark the corresponding number with her Do-A-Dot markers.  Little Man loved participating by finding a number and stamping the number, with my help of course!

Little Man loved finding the numbers!

                                                       Bug loved racing the numbers back!

Bug was so excited that we finished before the timer went off!


I love the wonderful swimming weather here!  When I could tell they were ready for an outdoor adventure, we went to the splash pad and the pool.  I love how flexible our schedule is from day to day!  But most of all,  I love soaking up every precious moment with my little blessings from God! I love the laughter, joy and excitement I hear as they run around the splash pad together and talk to each other so sweetly.  I love the bible verse from Psalm 127:3 which states "Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from Him."  Children are definitely a blessing, a wonderful miracle from God that bring incredible joy and richness to life! I love my sweet Bug and Little Man so much and can't wait for baby Gracie to join us!
                                                My sweet precious boy!

I also bought them both bird whistles at Walmart on Friday!  They played them all around the store- they were so happy and entertained! I love how little things mean the world to them!

I am thrilled to start week 3 of our Sonlight program and letter C next week!

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