Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter A Preschool FUN Part 3 Including week 1 of Sonlight

     We loved reading from the "Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature" this week from our Sonlight curriculum!  We read all about winter including: how snow is made, what to wear, activities that happen during snowy weather, the names of the winter months and more. I happened upon a wonderful activity on Pinterest to make our winter readings more interactive.  You can find the activity here: Sugar Aunts Snow Ball fight.  This website had a plethora of fun activities for different themes and I will definitely visit often!
I tweaked our activity and used clean white socks rolled in pairs for our snowballs.  Not only was this a fun activity, but it also included a chance to practice counting by 2s, and gross motor skills! Afterwards, we had a fun family snowball fight!  

Since we are concentrating on the letter A, we also played Animal hide and seek.  I took two animals and Bug took two animals and we each hid the animals in different rooms.  Whoever was able to find both the animals first and sit on the couch was the winner.  My sweet competitive Bug had a blast while Little Man bounced along beside her!  Afterwards, we put the animals in pairs like Noah's Ark and counted them by 2s.  Lastly, I helped Bug to create an /A/ with all of her stuffed animals and Bug, Little Man and I also made a lowercase /a/ with our bodies!              
                       Bug after her big win!                                  Making her stuffed animal letter /A/

Bug also practiced writing the lowercase /a/ by penning a letter to her favorite Disney character: Sheriff Callie.  I was so excited when I found out that you can write the characters and Disney will send a postcard back! You can find the addresses Couponing to Disney  She was so thrilled to write the letter that she had no idea we were doing school work by practicing handwriting.  I love making education fun and tailored to her interests!  

                           WE also had a very fun playdate with sweet, close friends from Church

Look at all that fun! 

 Bug also did a letter /a/ word hunt which can be found at this website: This Reading Mama
I have found a wealth of information and wonderful resources at this website and I cannot recommend it enough!

 We ended the day by watching our favorite letter /A/ Disney character: Ariel! I love how Bug watched most of the movie standing inside her tent!

                                     And of Course we had our sweet, cuddle movie moments!
I can't wait for their baby sister to join us in December!

We have one more day of letter /A/!  It has been such a blast so far!

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