Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Letter A Preschool activities plus Sonlight curriculum Part 4

        Today we took a pretend trip around the world focusing on continents and oceans that begin with the letter /A/.  Bug loved planning our route via our atlas!  One of our Sonlight curriculum books is called "Stories From Around the World" by Usborne which contains different folk-tales that are set in different countries around the globe.  It has a wonderful map in the back that Bug took great interest in!  We started our trip in North America and traveled across the Atlantic to Africa and then on to Australia!  I loved integrating a geography lesson with our letter of the week.  We also located the Artic Ocean and Austria!  Bug loved flying on our airplane made of paper towels rolls and so did Little Man.  Bug also enjoyed reading the map!  I also read the pre-scheduled pages about Japan recommended by Sonlight.  Afterwards, Bug identified Japan on the map and learned the Capitol.  It was a wonderful learning experience for Bug and I think Little Man just always loves being a part of everything!
Our Pretend Airplane!

Bug studying the map!

Bug also learned a few new vocabulary words including: abundance, avid and ample.  I gave her a simple definition of each along with a sentence that she could relate to with each word.  For example, I said "Bug you have an abundance of stuffed animals in the toy room" (they are literally taking over our house:) I also told her "Bug you are an avid insect collector" and then reiterated the meaning of each vocabulary word. I also taught her how to sign the letter /A/ and the word for apple in Spanish (la manzana).  We also briefly talked about people in the Bible like Abraham, Adam, and Abigail.  We also prayed for friends whose names started with the letter /A/. I love having a letter theme because there are so many different avenues of learning you can take! 

We also went on outdoor animal safari with plastic animals!  I highly recommend you visit this website for all the details on this activity: No Time for Flashcards .  Bug was so overjoyed when I told her about the Safari in the front yard.  The site also gave a great simple way to make a map which I also utilized! Bug loved gathering up a bucket, her binoculars and a map for her special animal safari.  I loved how this activity included map skills also!  She loved the safari so much that she created a safari for me with her stuffed animals inside the house!   

Afterwards, we collected acorns to go with our letter /a/ theme.  Bug decided to plant an acorn and we discussed the four things that plants need to survive.  She loved watering her little acorn and planting it in the dirt!  
                                                             Bug planting her acorn!

Lastly, I gave Bug three different options for painting time including painting an: ant farm, an alligator or an apple.  Of course, my little entomologist to be :)  chose to paint an ant farm.  Little man also loved painting, he especially loved painting himself-such a cutie pie!

              Then, we took our acorns inside and Bug covered them with glue and added glitter to them.  I had her paste the acorns on sheet of card-stock paper in the shape of an /A/.  

 We had lots of smiles today!

Alongside our A activities, we also did all of the Sonlight curriculum for the first week!  It was a fun- filled, exciting week that I have been dreaming of since I first felt God calling me to homeschool when Lily was two!  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us next week! 

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