Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sonlight Preschool Week 1 continued

      We are just loving our Sonlight Bible book: "101 Favorite Stories From The Bible" that we started today!  I highly recommend this bible too!  Bug was very engaged while we were reading about God's wonderful story of Creation today.  Afterwards, we reviewed each day of creation and answered the questions at the end of the story.  This Bible has an excellent way of drawing young minds in and really helping them to understand the content of each bible story.  Even though the selections are fairly short, the information is rich and detailed.   After the bible story, it asks a few questions about the content which is a great way for the Word of God to take root in their sweet little hearts! We are using both the"My First Hands on Bible-NLT"and the "101 Favorite Bible Stories Bible" because you can never have enough of God's word!  Sonlight also gives you a verse to memorize for the week and I am so happy that Bug is making great strides to memorize it!

We read "Jack and Jill" from "A Treasury of Mother Goose" today which is a part of our Sonlight curriculum.  I had Bug memorize the first part of "Jack and Jill" and then we were off to the park (which happens to start with an /A/)!  On the way, we played "I spy" going through the alphabet, starting with: "I spy something that starts with the letter A." Bug really adored giving me different clues about her "I spy" pick!

After we arrived at the park, Bug and Little Man loved doing the planned Sonlight activity by running up and down the hill with their pails of water while Lily loved reciting the poem!  

Afterwards, we had a blast playing on the playground and Bug even found a green caterpillar!  She was elated! This gave us an excellent opportunity to review the four stages of butterfly metamorphosis! Bug absolutely loved this little Caterpillar and carried it around for half the day!  She even took it on a ride on her toy truck. 

Bug also practiced writing the letter /a/ in her tray of sand.  Little man loved joining in on the fun too!  We also went through the second day of the literacy program found at

During cooking time today, we made applesauce to go with our letter /a/ theme.  I found a wonderful recipe at the Pioneer Woman's website that was very time-friendly and smelled wonderful!  Unfortunately, I burned it by adding extra time but that's okay because it was still so fun to make! 

I loved listening to Pandora's kids worship music during lunch, it lets my sweet little ones hear wonderful worship songs and relax after alot of fun and excitement from the morning.  

 I just love how Bug keeps telling me what places we can visit during different letter days. For example, Bug said "Mommy lets go to the Carousel on the /C/ day and make cupcakes."  I love watching her joy of learning already starting to flourish!

We ended the day with a popsicle party and swimming!  I am so very thankful for such a beautiful summer day with my precious little blessings!

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